The City of London is the place to be for all your fitness needs and with the rise of London fitness studios, finding the right place to exercise can be a workout in itself! No one wants to resort back to their boring ol’ local gym, so we’ve made it easier for you—rounding up a list of the best fitness studios in the City of London.


Broadgate & St Mary Axe

1Rebel is unlike any other gym. Its focus is on 3 different classes: Ride (spinning), Rumble (boxing), and Reshape (bootcamp). You’ll be pushed passed your limits in any of these workouts and in some cases, may even be sweating it up to live music. If you want to (literally) work out your frustrations, amp it up at 1Rebel.


Even though we’ve talked about Psycle before, we weren’t going to leave them out of this list. Covering barre, hiit, yoga and ride, this passionate community focuses on mind, body and spirit as a whole.

Studio Lagree
Chiswell Street

Pilates is no joke at Studio Lagree. Don’t expect a light workout here. You’ll be pushed with an intense pilates reformer class using top of the range machines. Every muscle in your body will be targeted as workouts combine a mix of core, endurance, cardio, balance, strength and flexibility—the ultimate pilates workout.

Barry’s Bootcamp
Worship Street

Looking to burn a lot of calories? Look no further than Barry’s. The original high-intensity workout that combines running and weights to give you maximum results. If you want to have fun while toning your muscles and reducing fat, you’ve come to the right place. You’ll never get bored at Barry’s.


Ever wanted to be a ballerina? Even if you haven’t, you’ll still enjoy Barrecore. With a range of ballet-inspired classes to suit all levels, offering the basics to high intensity interval training, there’s something for everyone in this open and welcoming community.


The Aussies sure know how to live that healthy, active lifestyle. So, it’s no surprise that they’ve created the ultimate workout that’s innovative, challenging and systemised. Your motivation will skyrocket as F45 is all about working out as a team. You’ll be sure to get the fitness results you’re after in this strong community.