See in a short week followed by a long weekend of sunshine (we hope) with this week’s guide on what to stream, watch and do online from our favourite City businesses.

Watch: online dance courtesy of the Barbican

Groundbreaking choreographer Michael Clark presents to a simple rock ‘n’ roll . . . song, available to stream on iPlayer until the end of June. Recorded at the Barbican in 2017, the critically acclaimed and Olivier Award-nominated production features music by Patti Smith, Erik Satie, and David Bowie, including the title track from Bowie’s final studio album Blackstar – and an intro from Jarvis Cocker. Click here to watch before it disappears.

Drink: Fortnum & Mason’s signature tea

Chances are you’re drinking far more cuppas at home than you ever did before – so why not make them extra special? Fortnum‘s inhouse afternoon tea service may be off the table for now, but you can still order their famous varieties of tea from their online shop. Sure to make home-working that extra little bit more delicious; click here to shop online.

Play: LSO’s weekly Instagram quizzes

Ready to put your knowledge of classical music to the test? Every Tuesday night at 7pm over on the London Symphony Orchestra‘s Instagram stories you’ll find an interactive quiz about famous composers, musical masterpieces, and more. Practise and impress your friends in your weekly Zoom quizzes with some brand new classical knowledge. Click here to visit their Instagram.

Watch: Curzon Home Cinema

Bored of watching the same films you’ve seen hundreds of times before? Try something new with Curzon Home Cinema – replacing the cinematic experience with quality films you can stream from home during lockdown. Stream brand new films straight from the cinema, or explore their hand-picked collections of cult classics and old favourites. You can even claim a free welcome film; click here to register and browse the collection.

Eat: Babelle’s famous canelés

Treat yourself in quarantine to a French luxury – a canelé from Babelle, AKA a traditional sweet delicacy from the Bordeaux region of France with a baked caramelised crust and soft custardy heart. They’re delivering across London on Tuesdays and Fridays, so you can see in the week or weekend with something sweet. Click here to order.

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