If there’s one thing we at One City love, it’s an Instagrammable spot in the City. Below, we’ve listed out our ten favourite spots to photograph and post or share on @onecityldn, in no particular order, to give you some photo inspiration for when we can all go back to the Square Mile. Featuring outdoor shots of some of the City’s most beloved architecture, and some indoor spots to add to the to-do list.


Watling St.

Stand nearer the eastern end of Watling St (past Leon), look west towards St Paul’s and be dazzled by the dome peeking through the lane. A perfect capture of the old, winding streets of the City.

Leadenhall Market

The stunning architecture of Leadenhall Market is so classically pleasing that it’s been used in some of our favourite films – it features as Diagon Alley in the Harry Potter series. The annual art programme Sculpture in the City often features works here, including Patrick Tuttofuoco’s The Source and Shaun C. Badham’s I’m Staying (both 2019).

Wormwood Street: Bridging Home, London

Speaking of Sculpture in the City, one of our favourite visual sculptures in the Square Mile is Do Ho Suh’s Bridging Home, London. The Korean house appears to hang precariously over the traffic on London Wall, creating a juxtaposition of urban and rural. Photograph it from London Wall looking east and have the signature curve of 70 St Mary Axe as a backdrop.

Fleet Street

The tight, narrow buildings of Ye Old Cock Tavern and its neighbours on Fleet Street have long been a favourite of London photographers, particularly with the striking red phone box in front. You’re spoilt for choice for photographic opportunities on Fleet Street, what with its long history and distinctive view of St Paul’s on the eastern end.

The Leathersellers Company

If there’s one thing we love to celebrate in the City it’s the classic architecture standing next to the modern developments. Nowhere is this better seen than when you’re standing in front of the Leathersellers Hall, with the Gherkin looming gracefully in the background. Access the courtyard via Bishopsgate for this iconic angle.

One New Change

Another contrast of old and new is in One New Change – the glassy walls make for a perfect frame for St Paul’s Cathedral. The view was incorporated into its design 10 years ago, spotlighting its proximity to the Cathedral. Stand in the centre and look west to see St Paul’s (the glass lifts that shoot you up to Madison / the rooftop also make for a brilliant view).


14 Hills

One of the newest spots from D&D is a luscious greenhouse of a restaurant, brimming with greenery alongside some of the best views of the capital in 120 Fenchurch St. It’s a beautiful spot for a cocktail after a tour around the upstairs Garden at 120. Speaking of…

The Garden at 120

Stroll upstairs after your visit to 14 Hills and access this mid-level rooftop garden: a stunning little space with running water and blooms of wisteria in the spring/summer seasons. A great lunchtime spot with unparalleled views – you can even bring your own food up.

Fortnum & Mason in the Royal Exchange

The architecturally striking courtyard of the Royal Exchange is given extra glamour by Fortnum & Mason‘s courtyard restaurant. Once it’s open again, keep a look out for its famous supper clubs and live music nights – it’s not only photogenic, but it’s the ultimate date spot.

The Barbican Conservatory

Who said you couldn’t find tropical flora in the heart of the City? Step away from the concrete and into the natural paradise that is the Barbican Conservatory, home to tropical fish and over 1500 species of tropical plants and trees. It even opens up for afternoon tea on select dates.

Is there a spot we’ve missed that you love to photograph? Let us know by emailing info@onecity.london.

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