In our article on Quirky Facts about London’s Square Mile, we already stepped briefly on a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it narrow pathway near Monument and Bank station called Exchange Alley. It was in this alley where, over 330 years ago, two coffee-houses – Garraway’s and Jonathan’s – sat, which are believed to be the progenitor of what we now know as London Stock Exchange. This and various other interesting facts about the courtyards, alleys, cracks and crevices of this beautiful London area is tapped into with Matthew Green’s City of London walking tour, and we love it.

The London Coffee-House Tour: what to expect?
This tour takes place all within the Square Mile, beginning in, as it should, yet another alley called St Michael’s Alley. Dr Green whisks his troupe around Bank and Monument which, unlike on weekdays where you’d be hard-pressed to ever find yourself alone in any of the courtyards or backstreets, can be utterly peaceful on weekends.

On the tour we learn that back in the day, public coffee-houses were where you heard the news of the day,  business was conducted, ideas were born and love matches made. The tour is informative, funny and engaging and made even more so by the well-timed appearance of actors around several turns and bends of the City. Dr Green offers you sludge reminiscent to coffee in the days of yore, but the tour is rounded off in a very modern hipster café because, let us be honest, they know how to make a damn fine cuppa.

Matthew Green tours

Dr Matthew Green is a historian, author and tour guide and pieces together wonderful tours that he rolls out every so often. Others that have happened within the Square Mile are the Ghosts of Fleet Street tour which gives an immersive history of what was the “nerve-centre of the world’s biggest and most influential mass media” and the London Chocolate-House Tour, but this time in fancy Mayfair. In a city where you can hop on to the Necrobus for a tour of London’s most haunted sites and ghosts, there is no end to the imaginative ways of exploring the Big Smoke.

Not a fan of walking in a group? No problem: Green has created some epic audio tours as well. Check out the below video for the Coffeehouse Audio Tour which, by the way, can also be enjoyed from the comfort of your own home.