Take a quintessentially British sport, add some summer days replete with sunshine and an aerial canopy awash in cerulean blue, then focus on the location of Finsbury Square and you’ve got yourself Festibowl 2018. Running from Friday 6th July until Friday 3rd August (and the day already sold out), for one month you can consider yourself delightfully old fashioned in the City and become quite the dab hand at a (less than) quaint game of bowls.

Traditionally played in white garb (somewhat like tennis, if you’re a Wimbledon fan; though white gloves also make an appearance), there are around 500,000 bowlers in the UK. That’s a popular sport, no doubt aided in part by its concomitant pint from a pub, said drink taken in hand onto the flat green. And not all pub culture-enthusiast bowlers are of retirement age.

“We set up with a mission to lower the average age of lawn bowls from over 70 to under 40 and after three years we’ve managed to get to an average of 69 so we’re pretty happy about that.”

Very funny. Jokes aside, though, even those in their twenties and thirties are getting in on the bowls scene now. Furthermore, Shoreditch being Shoreditch, Festibowl does away with some of the older style genteelness and adds a modern day touch with DJs and cocktails (and, of course, food, provided by Truffle London and Chalana Market). Think “The Spicy Back Bowl” and “Crack a Jack” mixes to sip on, or bubbles if you prefer; and certainly don’t think vegan and tee-total.

Despite these modernisations, however, Festibowl stays true to bowls’ traditional British style and lends itself as the perfect wind down ending to an office-stuck manically pressured day. Hence the many still-suited individuals you might come across there (and decided lack of white clothing). As The Telegraph writes:

“Lawn bowls may seem as Rock’n’Roll as Coldplay and quinoa – but the public’s perception of this emblematic British game may soon change.”

If anyone’s going to change it, it’s Festibowl. The event runs from noon until 11pm each day, with private bookings on from 2pm until late and public team bookings from 6pm. Tickets cost £15 per person. A private rink can also be hired for £120 for 8 people and for this some Thursday slots are available, too. Tickets can be purchased on the day, but only before 1pm. Therefore, it might be wise to get online and get clicking now…

Happy bowling! #keeponthegrass