January Sundays: to be spent in the pub, with ample supplies of roast goodies. As soon as all festivities have ended, we Brits seem to appreciate the tradition of hearty cooking at the local pub even more than usual.

But, instead of cramming into your local pub in the outskirts of London, be adventurous and try one of our favourite City spots for your weekly Sunday roast fix. There’ll be plenty of Yorkshire puddings and the gravy is heavenly.

These are the City’s best Sunday roasts!

Possibly the best roast in the City...

1. The crowd favourite, Barbican
One of the City’s finest pubs with an ever finer menu, The Jugged Hare embodies everything a Sunday should be. Fantastic roasts, a warm, homely ambience and a bloody excellent wine menu. If meat is your game – or game is your meat – you’ll love it here; the venue is particularly known for its seasonal offering. You’re spoilt for choice: Suffolk free-range chicken stuffed with sage and served with bread sauce, roast leg of Herdwick Mutton and mint jelly, or 45-day-aged Longhorn rump with horseradish cream. All the trimmings are included, too. Be sure to ask for an extra serving of the duck fat roast potatoes!

Brunch options, for that one friend we all have who doesn't fancy a roast...

2. The posh alternative, St Paul’s
Madison London
may not seem like the obvious choice for a roast. If you can overcome your hesitation at spending your Sunday in a modern, luxurious rooftop restaurant, as opposed to a classic English pub, you’ll be plentily rewarded. For the atmosphere is relaxed, with an excellent live jazz band as the perfect accompaniment to the vast menu. Choose between the USDA steak – in other words, a particularly tasty cut of meat – or the corn-fed chicken. Is there someone in your company who doesn’t fancy a roast? No bother, Madison’s best feature is its inclusive menu; there’s a plethora of brunch, salad and hot options. May we suggest a potted crab and crayfish starter for your crabby roast comrade?Toasty Roasties at the Chop House

3. The veggie-friendly venue, Clerkenwell
No, we’ve not gone mad but we understand why you might think that; surely a place named The Quality Chop House couldn’t possibly offer a nice vegetarian option? Well, au contraire mon ami, for this Victorian gem has something much better than your average, re-heated nut roast. How does pine roasted celeriac with a side of roast potatoes, sprouts, chestnut honey roasted parsnips, cauliflower, brown butter and dried onion with home-made Yorkshire puddings sound? Yeah, we thought so. And yes, the meat – Yarty pork shoulder and Galloway, sirloin and brisket – is fabulous, too.

4. The hipster one, Shoreditch
Much as we try, we can’t resist. The Princess of Shoreditch will be filled with bearded gentlemen and vintage-clad ladies, but the hearty food will calm any qualms you might have about visiting hipsterville. Out of our list, this is also the venue with the most extensive roast menu: from its Roast Duke of Berkshire pork and corn fed chicken to Aberdeen Angus beef and slow-roasted leg of Daphne’s lamb. Meat-lovers should try the mixed roast meal, featuring venison, beef and pork – all on one plate!