It’s the global phenomenon that’s hit destinations as diverse as Tel Aviv, Washington DC, and even Tokyo, and now the spectacular “sleuthing show” known as Perfect Liars Club is set to land in Shoreditch. If you like these long summer days we’re having capped off with a touch of comedy and intrigue thrown in (and a fabulous cocktail in hand perhaps as well), then this is the London event for you.

On Tuesday 10th July, between the hours of 7.30pm and 9.30pm, The Book Club – that two-floor spacious Victorian Warehouse known for its offerings of “cultural revolution” in a keen-eye-for-design social scene – will be taken over, and the evening’s audience members overcome with delight. For during the evening they will be testing their mental faculties in a challenge of shrewdness in order to catch the liar amongst the performers.

As reviews declare, “With everyone from ambassadors to astrophysicists; theatre directors to accountants, you can only be sure of one thing: it’s going to be hilarious.” You don’t have to be anyone special: if you have an utterly amazing (read: unbelievable) story, then you’re in.

The premise is as follows: four people, four humorous tales of “something unexpected, unbelievable, or just plain ridiculous that (allegedly) happened to them.” Three of them are as honest as the day is long, but the fourth is entirely mendacious. By posing questions to the group of raconteurs, the mission is to uncover the liar.

The brainchild of Brits Layla McCay (Artistic Director) and Roz Campion, they wanted to make their mark on the “growing indie spoken word scene” in Washington DC back in 2013 and were – surprise, surprise – big fans of shows such as Would I Lie To You. Since then, the Perfect Liars Club has been a monthly event, with McCay and Campion returning to the UK to run the London side of things, leaving Washington DC in the hands of Pierce McManus and Cara Foran.

Deemed “wonderfully mischievous” and “intellectually stimulating”, tickets should most definitely be booked in advance (sometimes those priceless billets sell out in as little as two minutes!). At only £8 per person, this is an affordable romp of a night most certainly not to be missed.

So, see whether the wool can be pulled over your eyes and head along to the eastern bounds of the City for a Perfect Liars kind of evening at The Book Club – a venue well-known for its “thought-provoking programme” of events – on Tuesday 10th July.

“Listen. Laugh. Interrogate. Vote.” Over 18s only.