Everyone likes a bit of music. The taste in genre might vary (greatly, in some cases), but the background comfort of a tune is incomparable when a glass is in hand and favoured companions sat close by, conversation flowing and the evening whiling away pleasurably deep into the night… Never more so than when that music is live and the venue is hot. This is something Mrs Fogg’s has cottoned onto, its Broadgate Circle address recently announcing a new twice-weekly music night.

If you were unaware of Mrs Fogg’s up until now, it’s located in the heart of the City (Liverpool Street to be precise) and is inspired by Mr Fogg’s better half – his Indian wife, Aouda. If you didn’t know Mr Fogg’s either, then we’re here to help: it’s a series of bars replete in décor harking back to the Victorian era. Think opulence; think very nice indeed.

‘Below Deck at Mrs Fogg’s Maritime Club’ is a basement setting (“on the SS Rangoon Below Deck”, tucked into The Engine Room and Distillery) operating from the very specific time of 6.01pm on Thursday and Friday evenings, with the live entertainment starting at the equally on-the-dot time of 7.31pm. For those who love the ‘speakeasy’ vibe, why not join the Crew wreaking ‘havoc’ and go on an evening’s, ahem, adventure? Parties amounting to ten or more people are advised to contact the “Stowaways” in order to sort out the details of such a special booking beforehand (of course).

Nonetheless, if perhaps Mrs Fogg’s doesn’t sound quite your style, rest assured that other venues in the City have known for a very long time that live music nights are quite the appealing thing for its hard-working folk who want to wind down of an evening.

Sky Garden – yes, the one with the view – is another such establishment. Mrs Fogg’s locative opposite, rise from the bowels of the earth to the lofty skies for aural pleasure in this high end (pardon the pun) bar. With live DJ sets Thursday through Saturday, go along for a truly tasty cocktail and London music scene beats. Be aware that the Sky Garden is a naturally ventilated venue, so although there have been climatic hints at Spring the last week or so, a coat should be taken still.

Otherwise, for Jazz lovers there’s the option of the lovely Oriole Bar. Each night there is live music from 9pm, in two sets of 45 minutes each, with a third Late Set occurring on a Friday and Saturday night at 11.30pm. Music is free to listen to Sunday through Tuesday nights, £5 on Wednesdays and Thursdays, and £8 Fridays and Saturdays. This cover charge is paid to the performers (which, frankly, is fair enough!).

If none of these suit, then you could always try The Bootlegger in Aldgate. Not to be sniffed at, The Compilations, The Cash Cows, and Ruby and the Duke are the current established live music acts – all of which are sure to get you in the mood for a good, cathartic dance. Something for everyone (the intriguing #illicit tunes of the first, the cover of Bob Dylan and Beyoncé from CC’s guitar and Double Bass act, to the harking back to the era of the flapper) – music nights in the City, no matter the venue, are never boring.

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