While you were busy pilfering away at the leftovers from the Christmas family dinner, pastry chef-turned-master-chocolatier and business owner, Paul A Young, was making Easter eggs.

It’s no wonder, as he has three shops across London — Soho, Islington and the City. Every single piece of delicious, luxury chocolate is made by hand, with homemade recipes. There are no magnificent machines, just Paul’s skilled team of chocolatiers and true artistry.

Limited-edition Guittard egg

Speaking of art, his limited-edition Easter creation for this year is part treat, part chocolate masterpiece. Due to the complexity and luxury of making this egg, there are only 10 available in each store.  Made from 65% Peruvian Origin chocolate from Machu Picchu by family-owned chocolate company, Guittard, each egg is hand-painted and contains a box of 9 caramel ganache truffles.

Due to the high level of detail, price and complexity of making this egg, there are only 10 available in each store, so you better hurry if you want to get your hands on one. At £75 an egg, this is not one for the little ones.

Paul A Young

“It’s something higher-end,” Paul explains. “And everything, including the paint, is edible. We do things for kids and easter egg hunts, of course: mini eggs, little chicks’ and praline eggs. We also have bunny eggs, decorated in gold.”

What else have you created for Easter?

“Another choice is the half egg, with brightly coloured hundreds of thousands. Since it’s a half egg, it’s a bit more glamorous and the stand is made from chocolate too. You get both an egg and chocolates, filled with sea salt and caramel.

“Next week, there’ll be a queue out the door. People want that element of Easter, it’s a festive season. For us, it’s quality-led, thick chocolate eggs, not thin eggs.”

Chicks in half egg

Meanwhile, the bigger eggs – medium and large – weigh 400g and 600g respectively. These eggs also contain a bag of chocolate buttons and come in white, milk and dark chocolate.

But, if eggs don’t tickle your fancy, Paul’s shops also feature truffles, classic chocolate bars, hot chocolate, brownies and more.

Does taste change over the holiday?

“Taste doesn’t change. The one thing with Easter is that you can’t change the offering, other than that it’s got to have eggs, bunnies and spring. Everything people think of as easter, but the chocolatier decides how it’s going to look.

“It’s a very traditional time of year, but we just try to present it differently and make it colourful.”

Photo: Paul Winch-Furness

Business is blooming, especially in the City shop, a beautiful grade I listed building and former apothecary, where 99.9% of the customers are City workers.

What’s your biggest seller?

“One of the biggest sellers for Easter, if not THE biggest, is the sea salt and caramel filled egg. With truffles, we have a signature collection and a seasonal collection. For instance, we have a hot cross bun truffle from a partnership with Bread Ahead bakery in Borough Market.”

Have you got a personal favourite?

“I don’t have favourites. If any chocolatier has a favourite, they’re lying.”