If you’re searching for good wine in the City, you’d be mad to miss Vinoteca City off your list. Based in Bloomberg Arcade, the restaurant and attached wine shop sell some of the finest, most affordable wines from around the world, all alongside their enviable dining service. We caught up with Jade, Breakfast Supervisor at Vinoteca, and learnt about what it takes to work at one of City-workers’ favourite restaurants.

When did you start at Vinoteca?

Jade: I was looking for a job when I was at uni, and a friend was already working here and told me about an opening. When I started I wasn’t really that interested in wine, but after starting here I got to know different types of wine and the service and hospitality involved, so it was a really cool job to get into.

I’ve been here two years now, but I’ve moved around Vinoteca for four years – I started off at Marylebone then came here after the City venue opened. I mainly do breakfast shifts, so I open the restaurant, sort out breakfast menus and am the on-site manager at the start of the day.

What’s your favourite thing about the job?

Definitely trying wines – we change the wine list quite often, so we have the opportunity to try (and serve) wines that you don’t normally come across. When I first started, I had no clue about wines – I knew wine was red, rose or white, but that was about it! – but now I’ve got a WSET Level 2 [certificate]. I never would have known how to smell or taste wines if I hadn’t started here.

There’s not really a secret to picking a good wine – it’s all personal preference. I like sweet, fruity wines, whereas some people like bold flavours or wines that have depth to them, but we cater to everyone here. My favourite red wine is from Portugal, called Alentejo Tinto ‘A Touriga Vai Nua’ 2018 – it’s got body but it’s quite fruity and is very easy to drink, and my favourite white is an Italian wine called Lugana, which is quite peachy-flavoured.

A wine from Vinoteca’s extensive and curated collection.

What do you like to do outside of work?

I’m into the music business – I’m an artist manager. My favourite music venue in London is O2 Academy Brixton – it’s a really cool space. KOKO, as well, is an amazing old theatre space.

What advice would you give to someone who’d want to work in wine or hospitality?

In both this kind of senior role and in my work within the music industry, I need to have a thick skin. Here, I’m working in such a public-facing area, so I need to know myself as a person and trust my instincts.The most useful thing I’ve learned in my work is how to manage situations.

Find Vinoteca City at 21 Bloomberg Arcade. Click here to visit the website, here to see the breakfast menu, and follow them on Instagram at @vinotecawinefood.

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