Iram Chaudhry of Kute Cakes has developed a brand that boasts a refreshing and stylish take on sweet treats. Kute cakes is all about keeping it natural, fresh and simple. We interviewed Iram to find out more about her life and influences.

Why do you like working in London? London is one of the most exciting and thriving cities I have experienced with big doses of history, culture and diversity in terms of people, places to visit and food. The landscape of the city is constantly changing and with so many places and food to explore, I still have the tourist ‘buzz’ without actually being a tourist!    

What is your favourite place to visit in the Square Mile? London is an exciting place from wherever you stand, and with so much going on, even a walk across London Bridge through rush hour chaos with my 3 year old daughter can bring a sense of perspective and appreciation of the big city. Stunning views across to Tower Bridge, St Paul’s Cathedral, and the vast new construction, both the old and modern, it does give you a great outlook.

Tell us about your job. I am the Managing Director at Kute Limited and Kute Cake is the brand which launched September 2015. 
Baking was only a weekend passion as I would be locked away in a science lab for most other days in the week. The time had come to write my thesis, when I also learned about my surprise pregnancy in 2013.
My first scan and the first time I saw her I thought, oh so cute! My daughter came in to this world bringing bundles of joy and I never wanted to leave her side, and so my passion for baking and experimenting in my home kitchen turned into serious culinary experiments.
Kute Cake and the Magnificent 7 cupcakes were born.

What makes Kute unique? 
From the pastel, artful colours used for the brand to the artisan, playful finishes on our cupcakes, it is all inspired by the beautiful journey we are on with our daughter. 
From the individual handcrafted recipes, to the artisan ingredients, to the elegant packaging, we do it right. Cupcakes but nothing like you have had before. Our journey will now carry on, and continue to bring an exciting artisan range of products inspired by our experiences together. We always use traditional methods and produce in small batches by hand, but create a modern experience for classic flavours. 

What artists are you listening to at the moment? Alicia Keys is a long-time favourite! Shaun Mendes is a great newcomer that I’ll always listen out for on the radio, but I’m eagerly hopeful that both London Grammar and Years and Years release a new album soon!

Do you have any special collaborations coming up? We are collaborating closely with Sourced Market. We have a permanent pop up on Friday at their flagship store in St Pancras and we’re excited about their new presence in Marylebone and Victoria.
The brand and our way of working is very much family focussed – the inspiration of the brand and how we develop in the coming years is predominantly influenced alongside my daughter growing up and the opportunity to run a business. It is certainly a fulfilling and positive experience to be able to encourage others with like-minded aspirations and as a speaker for a women’s business empowerment initiative in East London, this is a role that is close to my heart and I’ll continue to support.

Where can we find you? You can find us at Husk Coffee in Limehouse, Sourced Market stores (St Pancras and Marylebone) and Primrose Hill Market (all on specific days throughout the week). Refer to our website for more information – we have an online shop too which delivers across London!

– Interview by Deborah Ajia