Farmer J – that Square Mile eatery with the (Pitch)Fork emblem – opened a new branch on King William Street earlier this month, so if you’re longing for a “good feed” (as one of its mottos goes) in order to off-set that distinct damp chill of the approaching autumn, then best head over there quick.

Nonetheless, if the five minute walk from London Bridge seems too much, the Leadenhall Market branch is still open and thriving. However, it would be a crying shame to let this fantastic new premises pass unnoticed and unvisited hour after lunchtime hour when still within the bounds of the City. Indeed, the new branch boasts a dine-in dinner menu after 5pm to complement its established daytime Fieldtrays beloved by City workers, too (plus wine and beer and cocktails – oh my! Sensibly accompanied, if so wished, by spiced nuts, pickles, or olives).


Furthermore, if in the relative locale, Saturdays will see a brunch menu offered between 9am and 4pm (but the doors don’t close until 11pm). For Farmer J isn’t just for the working week. So, if you awaken Saturday morning with a veritable hunger that your own culinary skills just won’t appease (as many people’s won’t after a late Friday night), then head over to King William Street and decide what you want that will do the job.

Select from Farmer J Classics, an omnivorous list which includes Flank Steak & Eggs, The Shak (Runny Eggs, Radish Chilli Salad, Feta & Laffa Bread; Chorizo optional), The ‘J’ Burger (read: grilled cauliflower steak), and our personal favourite, the Loaded Banana Bread (Warm Banana Bread, Tahini Drizzle, Strawberries and Bananas).

This being that particular decade of the twenty-first century that for some health-conscious reason decided to go crazy for an “alligator pear” – as our neighbours across the pond call them (i.e. avocados) – no brunch menu would be complete without… Avocado on Toast. To this end, Farmer J offers a trio of options: The Classic Avo’ (comes with feta cheese; optional egg on top for a bit extra), Vegan Avo’ on Toast, and Salmon Avo’ on Toast (all in).

For those with a thirst, a nice touch to the drinks menu is Farmer J’s own “Ferments & Juices”, which include Homemade Cucumber Lemonade, Cucumber Kombucha (there’s a theme there…), Citrus Turmeric Juice (yum!), Ginger & Pineapple Juice, and the rather more humdrum orange or grapefruit options. All smoothies come with the option of added whey or hemp protein, and are expectedly healthy sounding (Hale Kale, Berry Blitz, Cacao Power; though Vanilla Ice and Nut Buster don’t bring quite as glowing an image to mind). All of the above are available during Saturday’s brunch hours as well.


Seating ranges from cosy booths, to bar stools (and stools in proximity to the door for those who want that “semi-takeout” feel they’re used to), and even communal tables are available for the more socially amenable eaters among you.

Open from 6.30am until 10pm Monday through Thursday and until 11pm on Fridays.