Ah, spring: that wonderful season that brings on its blossom-scented breezes a wave of hope for the months to come. The arrival also necessitates a digging out of one’s wardrobe more suitable attire for the (somewhat) warmer days. Nonetheless, if the previous seasons have done their best to sabotage both your diet and your fitness regime, then look no further than these top fitness trends in the City right now to get back the body you want, well in time for summer.

1. Set a Challenge

Forget a quick fit fix: think long term goals. Dream of running a marathon one day? Why not start training now? Always dropped out of that gym membership the week after you signed up at New Year’s? Why not set yourself the goal of going regularly for just one whole month, but religiously? In short, 2019 is the year where fitness and gym attendance and exercise classes have transformed from fleeting affairs into enablers to getting to a higher end goal. The only question is: what’s yours?

For help with this mind-body balance and focus, try Educo Gym.

2. HIIS (the next level HIIT)

High Intensity Interval Training steps away from its recent popularity, leaps to the next level – with a skipping rope in hand. Yes, HIIS is the same, but with bounce. A workout long-used by boxers and a favourite of Victoria’s Secret models, a whopping 1,200 calories can be burnt in just one session. Enough said.

If the maths appeals, then check out the class timetable at GymClass City.

3. Group Rowing Classes

Boost that marvellous trio of metabolism, muscle, and mood with this City fitness craze; all in a circa 45 minute session working 85% of your body. Nice. Bid farewell to lonely periods at the rowing machine of old, staring at your own reflection and sullenly keeping on going, and instead imagine yourself out on the Thames in the Boat Race – though actually indoors with the camaraderie of your fellow local City gym-goers.

Originally beginning in Camden’s Metabolic London, it spread to the boutique Engine Room in Marylebone in October last year, while City-folk can find a group rowing class at Frame Farringdon.

4. Muay Thai

Otherwise known as Thai boxing, Muay Thai is a big hit (pun intended) at the moment. Known also as “the art of eight limbs”, it pretty much use every angle of the body (think impact; think fists and elbows, knees and shins – anything that places a ‘punch’). A great one for expulsion of aggression built up from the working week, Muay Thai is so popular at the moment that it’s even entered Hollywood style through the fashionable touch of the likes of Ilaria Urbinati recently. Well, we’re impressed.

Try Third Space City for your taste of Muay Thai Kickboxing (there is also the appealingly named Bitch Boxing, too… See you there…).

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