It’s that time of year again – time to celebrate all the dads out there who’ve done a brilliant job of fatherhood for the last 12 months, in whatever capacity. It’s not easy being a father in a globally competitive urban landscape like London. So, make sure you plan something suitable in the City for Sunday 17th June; something your dad or stepdad or paternal figure of whatever sort will hold dear as a memory.

Given the age old adage that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, and given also the general propensity for one’s old man to enjoy a tipple or two, we think the following shops and establishments might just do the trick…

1. COLD Gin Distillery (22-24 Bride Lane)

This being England, summer signifies a turning of tastes to a nice cold G&T, but like most things in life not all gins are created equal. That becomes somewhat less true if you wander into the City of London’s Gin Distillery, however. Given the historic Gin Craze of the 18th Century (who hasn’t seen William Hogarth’s Gin Lane?) fired by frequent imports of spices and citrus fruits into port, when before a gin shop had stood on every corner, all were closed. Indeed, there wasn’t one to be found until the COLD Gin Distillery opened in 2012.

Located within Jonathon Clark’s cocktail bar on Bride Lane, the distillery won a trio of awards last year and entered into a partnership with Halewood International Ltd. Why not take pops on a Distillery Experience this Father’s Day, the tours including some delightful tasting opportunities? The COLD Bar opens at 4pm as well.

2. The Trading House (89-91 Gresham Street)

A truly unique establishment to venture into is The Trading House. Think gorgeous design; a man’s decadent establishment where he can indulgence in the finer things in life. Harkening back to the days of explorers and adventurers, The Trading House’s atmosphere is all about the global exotic. Cocktail and Ale masterclasses are offered (if you’ve been gin-ned out, though they provide those too), and there is also the ability to privately hire sections. Nonetheless, the food – and the extensive list of New World wines – is what The Trading House is all about in its proffered sanctuary for masculinity. Think tried and tested “man food”, public house staples, and its specialty: “hanging kebabs”.

Be aware that The Trading House is opening up for the City Run on Sunday 17th June (run by Adidas City Runs). However, if your father and you prefer sport as a spectator sport, the establishment will be screening the World Cup Games as well.

3. Sagardi Basque Country Chefs (95 Curtain Road, Shoreditch)

The London flagship restaurant for Basque-region steak specialty cooking, the layout is large dining room with “high-class dungeon” ambience. Split between the grill bar restaurant area and Pintxo Bar (both the grill and the pintxos being typical of Basque culinary culture), there is also an in-house butcher shop should you wish to treat dad to some prime cuts afterwards, too.

Although fish is on Sagardi’s menu also, for paternal veggies in your life perhaps try Beany Green Café in Moorgate instead.