This week we delve into the world of Nicolas Wetter, the founder of Babelle. Babelle’s specialty is a french dessert called canelé, and they always make a buzz on Instagram!

Could you tell us about the history of Babelle?  Babelle is a French owned, London based company, inspired by the mythical story of “Babel”, a place where the world first met and exchanged exotic goods despite the confusion created by the different languages spoken. Babelle acts as a bridge to sweet indulgence, offering a combination of classic and innovative culinary techniques to create a unique product. At Babelle we respect and build on a four century old French tradition, using new flavours and techniques to bring the Canelé into the modern world.

A Canelé is a traditional sweet delicacy from the Bordeaux region of France, with a baked caramelized crust and soft custardy heart. Its origin is linked to Bordeaux’s wine industry, which traditionally involved the abundant use of egg whites to filter wine. The process resulted in surplus egg yolks, which were made into little cakes. The cakes were so popular that the French artisans who made them (known as Canauliers) formed their own guild in 1693. Over the years, the recipe was modified through the addition of milk and sugar.

What are your favourite bars in London? One of my favorite bar is actually in the City. I love the experience of taking the lift at Sushi Samba and find myself overlooking the entire city. Amazing.

Why do you like working in the City? I enjoy the contrast between the people rushing to work and what I see at the end of the day when public houses and cafes get full of the same people relaxing, in a very different mindset. The City is also alive after hours, I find this very cool. Having a market stall also gives me the opportunity to talk to people and I have always be amazed by the infinite diversity of people in the City. Definitely the most beautifully cosmopolitan City in the world!

What is your favourite place to visit in the Square Mile? I love Guildhall, we actually have a market there once a month. People know about the temporary expositions but there is also a classic collection. Love it.
I love Sculpture in the City. I have lived in London for 3 years now and it is one of my favorite things. What a great concept, putting the art in the middle of people’s life.

Where can we find you? You can find us at a variety of markets in the City but also in Harrods, Selfridges and Fortnum and Mason. Please check our website for more information on where to find us.

If you want to find out more or order a box of these precious little desserts visit the Babelle website!

– Interview by Deborah Ajia