Whether you’ve matched with a hottie on *insert dating app of choice here* or want to treat your significant other, we’ve put together a list of four romantic spots in and around The Square Mile that are guaranteed to impress. Need a quirky hipster joint or some festive fun? We’ve got you sorted. 


We’ve been patiently awaiting the arrival of street food favourite Smokestak and now we can finally devour all the meat our hearts desire. Not very romantic, you say? We disagree – nothing makes a conversation starter like munching down on a prime piece of barbequed meat. You’ll win cool points for both the location and the food. The website is just as obscure as you’d expect from a newbie Shoreditch locale so just take our word for it – you’ll love it (and so will your date).  

35 Sclater St. E1, 6LB  https://smokestak.co.uk/

This 90-minute pop-up experience can be found at Loves Company bar and consists of five drinks; bubbly to start, two delectable cocktails and two tasty wines, plus a yummy amuse-bouche – all to be consumed in absolute darkness. There are multiple perks to drinking in the dark. For one, it blocks out your other senses and improves your palate, but it also works as great camouflage, should you need to bolt mid-date…Pricey and strictly bookings only, so probably a choice best left for the third or fourth date. 

Side entrance, 104-122 City Road, EC1V 2NR http://pitchblackbar.com/


You get to make your own gin, whilst drinking gin – do you really need any further reasons to visit City of London Distillery? The price tag is ever so slightly higher than your average wine and dine (or in this case – gin and gin) but you’ll get to design, distil and personalise your very own gin to take home in a wax-sealed 70cl bottle. Best part? There’s a bar, so you can continue your lovely evening with a tipple or two. 

22-24 Bride Lane, EC4Y 8DT http://www.cityoflondondistillery.com/


We did say we’d include a festive option! Let your jolly Christmas spirit sing as you pull your best Blades of Glory act on the ice rink, dressed in your finest hat and gloves. It’ll be romantic (even if you end up falling). After you’re done on the ice, cosy up to each other on the winter terrace with some mulled wine or a strong whiskey to dull the ache from the skates. Tickets are available from £9.50.

Exchange Square, Broadgate, EC2A 2BQ  https://broadgateicerink.co.uk/

– Piece by Almara Abgarian