As part of Film in Focus, a year of events celebrating the influence and power of the moving image, Barbican are displaying a temporary exhibition in the Curve Gallery by Irish documentary photographer Richard Mosse

Incoming is a new video installation project which Mosse worked on in collaboration with the composer Ben Frost and the cinematographer Trevor Tweeten. Using border imaging technology and thermographic weapons, Mosse continues to challenge traditional documentary photography and filmmaking. By adapting and altering the use of this new technology from a weapons system to a means of making art Mosse aims to highlight the current refugee crisis particularly in Syria, The Persian Gulf and The Sahara. 

Mosse is most renowned for his vibrant and surreal colour infrared film photographs of the impact of the war in the Eastern Democratic Republic of Congo, where 5.4 million people have died of war related causes since 1998. The artist’s previous work won him a Deutsche Börse Photography Prize in 2014 and in 2013, Mosse represented Ireland in the Venice Biennale with another video installation The Enclave.

Mosse’s work has not been publically exhibited in London since 2014 and this is an excellent chance to see his moving, thought provoking and unsettling work in the Curve Gallery. This exhibition is free to the public and runs until 23rd April 2017.

– Written by Faith Clark