In an former Stonemason’s workshop, just on the outskirts of the Square Mile, is StolenSpace gallery. The space opened in 2007 and is definitely worth checking out if you want an alternative to a traditional white cube gallery. They specialise in exhibiting the work of Graffiti and Street artists.

Until the 26th February StolenSpace Gallery, is exhibiting work by Spanish street artist Okuda.

Lost Olympus is an great opportunity to see the artist’s psychedelic and vibrant style, which has been classified as “Pop Surrealism”, up close. Much of Okuda’s work isn’t stationary, he transformed Kiev’s metro network with his bold designs on the side of train cars. He has also painted dozens of murals in locations all over the world, from New Delhi to Amsterdam to the Swiss Alps. Viewing the artist’s unique geometric and colourful work on canvas and as sculpture in a gallery context makes it feel more intimate yet the influences of street art and graffiti are still clear. Lost Olympus depicts mythological characters taken from ancient Greece but with a contemporary spin. Okuda works mostly with bold, eye-wateringly bright spray paint and embroidery. Through his choice of materials and theme Okuda has developed a unique style and iconography.

Also on display at the moment is Bioforms and Blooms, an exhibition by American installation artist Crystal Wagner. Using intricate paper and printmaking techniques Wagner creates hybrids of 2-dimensional and 3-dimensional forms.

The installations on display are abstract but resemble otherworldly alien life forms or beautifully coloured cells under a microscope. Wagner’s work draws the viewer in and makes them think about the use of materials and space.  After winning the coveted Pollock-Krasner grant in 2015, this is Wagner’s first Solo exhibition in London.

StolenSpace have successfully created a platform to display and celebrate quality Underground and Urban Art, a genre that is often overlooked by other galleries.

The shows run until February 26th.

– Written by Faith Clark